Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Friday: Heather Grey Tee

Sometimes I like to go with greys and blacks as primary colors along with a little pop of color in a hat, wristband, and/or shoes to bring the whole look together.

I love the fit, feel, and message of our Heather Grey Tee.  It's light, soft, a little tight in the arms, not too tight around the stomach, and that's the way I like my tees.  I also like to use grey shirts as a base layer with a zip up hoodie on top.  


Hat:  FTF Red & Black Flatbill
Shirt:  FTF Heather Grey Tee
Pants:  Levi's Slim Fit Black Jeans
Watch:  Black G-Shock w/ Camo Inlays 
Shoes:  White/Grey/Black Jordan Flights 
Photographer:  Liz Visintin

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily Motivation: Finish the School Year Strong

We've all been there and done that.  The weather is near perfect, sun shining, cool breeze blowing, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and you are stuck in a desk, gazing out the window with a test coming up over subject matter you find to be the most repulsively boring stuff you have ever been FORCED to learn.  Stuff that you can't understand how any sane human being took the time to voluntarily study without being poked with a cattle prod to do so. 

Oh, and did I mention, you will probably not use one single shred of the information when you actually get out in the world and earn a living.

BUT HOLD ON A MINUTE, before you go into a catatonic, sleeping-with-your-eyes-open state that only an entire pot of coffee or case of energy drinks can pull you out of, know that there is a method behind the madness.  

When you get out of school and have to find a job and make money to live, you are competing with the rest of the world for those dollars.  

Remember this:

"If you quit every time something difficult is thrown at you, you will be forced to settle for whatever situation you fall into."

And settling is no way to live.  I believe each of us has greatness within us.  Each of us was put here for a reason, to serve a positive purpose, to change the world.  

To fulfill our purpose and potential we cannot simply accept the hand life deals us.  Instead, we have to go take what's ours.  It's up to us to make it happen.

Every pointless test you have to take, paper you have to write, and worst of all, every presentation you have to give is an exercise in self discipline.  

Can you reach down within yourself and successfully complete something difficult that is outside of your comfort zone?  Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get the job done?  Are you content with a C, or are you busting your butt to get an A?

As we get more responsibilities life becomes more challenging, and being a successful student gives experience that will help us overcome life's challenges.  

Through school we learn to some how, some way keep pushing forward to achieve goals.  We want the A, but we don't always want to spend precious hours studying to get it.  

Finishing the school year strong when you are strung out and drained from the long semester serves as a crucible that, if you can overcome, will help you the rest of your life.  

Bonus Tip:  Stay Focused


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Daily Motivation: Stay Focused in the Chaos

Texts, facebook, twitter, snapchap, instagram, emails, voicemails, TV, etc...  There are always going to be things around you trying to divert your attention from those activities that really make a difference in your success and failure.

Staying Focused in Business:

The most successful people, in business and life, don't let these distractions pull them away.  They are productive, and being productive means getting the important tasks done, not just staying busy.

To become less distracted, the first thing we have to do is cut out the mindless activities that don't move us forward.  

Staying Focused on the Internet:

A good rule for the internet is NO SURFING.  Surfing the web is not only mindless, it's also endless.  It's like dangling a piece of cheese in front of a hamster on a wheel, and we are the hamster. 

The way to avoid so much web surfing is to change your mentality from surfing to searching.  When you get online you want to be searching for something specific, an address, a product to order, an article to read, a friend you want to contact, etc...  Once you find what you are looking for shut'er down.

Staying Focused on a Diet:

People who have success with dieting think the same way about all the snacks in their kitchen and all the restaurants they pass on the road.  They don't care that there is a box of brownies sitting next to the fridge because brownies are not part of the plan.  Eating them will move them farther from their goals, not closer. 

Being "busy" does not mean you are focused.

Most of us usually take the path of least resistance when we look at all the things we need to get done.  That means we do the easiest things first, which are usually the tasks that matter the least.  

Take the opposite stance.  First, focus your energy on the most difficult task, the one you've been putting off in the back of your mind. 

Each difficult task that we conquer is like climbing up a rung on the ladder to success.  I think you'll find that taking on the difficult tasks is much more fun than the easy, tedious, useless crap-ola that just eats up our time. 

Have tunnel vision on the road to your goals and dreams.  Don't turn your attention for even an instant to look at anything but the end goal.  

Ask yourself, "Did the tasks I completed today get me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?"  

If the answer is yes, then keep going, keep taking risks, keep meeting the biggest challenges head on, and you'll keep making progress.  

If the answer is no, re-evaluate your daily plan, give priority to the bigger tasks, flip the script on how your day usually goes.

ACTION STEP:  Make a prioritized checklist of the things you want to get done tomorrow starting with the most difficult task and ending with the easiest.


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