Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don't Try to Be Perfect. Try to Be Your Best.

To move the needle to make the difference we want to make in the world we have to get over trying to be perfect, and focus on trying to be our best.  

So many of us have so many valuable insights or things to contribute to the world that no one else will ever see because we are scared to put them out there for fear they won't be perfect.

None of us are perfect or ever will be.  Once we know our mission and desires we have to start the process to achieve them and never stop until we do.  Don't worry about your plan or anything associated with it being perfect.  

Just get started.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Learn from you failures and continuously improve as you move forward.  

Using FTF as an example, over the past 3+ years we have sold thousands of shirts.  When we started out I had a vague business plan that was no where near perfect.  

FTF has done better than many other similar caused based organizations because of the simple fact that Liz and I have never given up on working to pursue the dream since the day it all started back in 2012.

We fail all the time.  We release products that don't sell well.  We place ads that don't generate a good ROI.  We put a lot of hours of work into things that we find out later really don't matter or that our followers really don't care about.

The point is to "fail forward."  Every failure presents an opportunity to get better.  

4 Quick Steps to Achieving Your Dream 

  1. Don't be perfect.
  2. Just get started.
  3. Continuously Improve.
  4. Never stop. 

"Perfection is the enemy of success." 


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