Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week in Review: Working Out, Doing Crazy Things, & a Benefit Update

This week was a straight up whirl-wind for me.  In all the beautiful madness that is my life, I still found time to push myself in the gym.  Liz and I did several of what I deem to be "crazy" things to help FTF succeed, and our list of people coming to our 1st Annual Benefit continues to grow!

Finding Time to Workout:

It was definitely a week where I had to MAKE time to workout.  I could have used the time I took to workout to do a million other things I need to get done.  But I understand the long-term importance of my health.  Our health is a precious asset that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Fitness should be a way of life for EVERYONE, not just a dedicated few.  Our bodies were made to move.  We weren't designed to sit in office chairs all day clicking a mouse.  I honestly can't understand why every human being on the planet who is physically able does not lift weights/strength train a bare minimum of 2 times per week for an hour. 

So few people stay dedicated to a workout regime because, like anything worth doing in life, it's difficult.  Changing your body takes lots of time and lots of discomfort.  

BUT, and this is a big "BUT," the end result is worth everything your own.  Remember, there are people out there who would give up everything they own and then some to enjoy just one day with the health you have!

We Do Crazy Things for FTF:  

(Picture:  Me, Liz, and Z-Money during a little photoshoot on campus at SIUE)

Being an entrepreneur and creating a successful organization from scratch forces you to take risks.  Sometimes the thought of these "risks" makes me a little uncomfortable.  However, I always take them regardless of how I feel because I know that to take FTF where we want it to go we can't just sit back and wait.

We have to be pushing the envelop to new heights ALL THE TIME.  Business owners who gain success and then sit back and get complacent watch their businesses/organizations die a long, slow, painful death.  

The picture above doesn't look too risky, but in reality, it is (not in terms of physical safety of course).  We understand that for FTF to generate enough money to make our donation goals through online sales we have to present images of our clothing that are clear and eye-catching.  If we don't we won't make many online sales, and FTF will go downhill.    

Admittedly, I'm no Derek Zoolander, and Liz isn't a professional photographer, but, because we keep our long-term, goals in mind we have learned how to do brief photoshoots that present our items well in an online setting.  This is mostly all Liz's department now.  She learned where to make me stand to get the best lighting, how I should pose, what outfit I should wear, what camera settings to use, etc...

At the risk of me giving some weird look, the pictures not turning out well, giving up our time on weekends, and the occasional mild embarrassment of people staring when we are in a random place shooting pics...we keep pushing.  We keep creating good images and content for you guys.  

By doing "crazy" things we keep the FTF ball rolling!

Benefit Update:

It's been a little over 2 weeks since the tickets for our 1st Annual Benefit/Dinner were made available for purchase, and we have sold almost 200 of the 400 so far.  

I can't express through words to you guys how excited we are about the event.  It will be the first time that our efforts over the past 3 years will really crystalize and bring so many of our supporters together in one place.

We have created a "Event Facebook Page" specifically for this event.  Leading up to, September 26th, the night of the event, we will be publishing regular updates to this page with auction items, logistics, food, drinks, check in, bidding etc...

We are so thankful that so many of you are already coming to join us.  You can help us spread the word by inviting your friends to the event!



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